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8/24/14 I have more ewes than I planned on.  If you are looking for a handfull of ewes or ewe lambs, let me know.  Otherwise I will be lambing these ewes myself.  I also have excess rams, all from top breeders (University of Wisconsin - Arlington, University of Wisconsin - Spooner, Irish Acres and Shady Lawn).

5/10/14.  The 13 ewe lambs weaned 20 lambs that averaged 65 lbs at 65 days.  The 24 mature March ewes weaned 50 lambs that averaged 67 lbs at 66 days.

4/20/14.  The 22 February ewes weaned 41 lambs that averaged 69 lbs at 70 days.  The February group was challenged by extreme cold resulting in some lamb losses and reduced gains.  The March group is on track to wean 50 lambs from 24 ewes.  These will be weaned and weighed on May 10.

The best way to contact me is via email (  I check email at least once a day and usually can respond within 24 hours.  (I am more difficult to reach via telephone.)  I look forward to hearing from you!

The map below shows the states where I have sold breeding stock:




Attention! Lambs Wanted!

I buy feeder lambs in the Spring and Fall.  I'm looking for groups of 25 -250 lambs.  Transportation can be provided, depending on the group size and distance.  I generally buy lambs in May (50-60 lbs), June (60-90 lbs) and October (65-90 lbs), but contact me anytime.

Selling lambs direct has many advantages:

  • No commission.  This can be as much as $8 per head or $0.15 per pound.

  • Save on hauling, I pick the lambs up.

  • Pre-negotiated price, avoiding sales barn volatility.

  • Premium price for lambs with good breeding, pre-weaned, vaccinated, shorn and properly docked lambs.

  • Sell when you have time, weekends, evenings, holidays, etc.


Fall 2013 Feeders